Brand therapy

cartoon image of a jellyfish

Get in touch with your true (brand) personality, and learn new way to express your (brand’s) emotions.

A brand is an emotional connection with its target audience.

Kubi Springer

A brand is not the brand colors, the logo, or the slogan, although those are the most visible parts of brand identity. I wholeheartedly agree with the above definition, and I also have my own, which is slightly less catchy than goddess Kubi’s.

When you know someone well, you can anticipate how they will react to something in the world. You know when you see a funny image and you immediately think of a friend who would get it like nobody else? Or when someone is trying to gossip about a friend of yours, and you know it can’t be true, because it’s not something that friend would ever do? That’s because when you are really familiar with someone, you just FEEL how they would relate to almost anything. That’s what we’re going for with your brand.

Once you graduate Brand Therapy, you will never again struggle to figure out whether you should post about a current event, or how you should word your next Black Friday campaign. Choices will become much, much easier. You’ll be the favorite client of every graphic designer, copywriter and marketing guru. You’ll know what you want, and your wants will be perfectly in line with what’s good for your brand.

It’s a really fun process! It’s actually my favorite type of project, which can stand on its own, or be part of a larger marketing or copywriting overhaul. I have tried-and-tested methods of uncovering your (brand’s) subconscious.

Through facilitated exercises with you and/or your team, we will reveal:

  • your why
  • your brand values
  • your vision
  • your defining characteristics

You will get a detailed, beautiful brand guide with all of the above, plus ultra-practical suggestions on tone of voice, colors and more (depending on the nature of your business). The whole journey is tailored to your business. You are free to run away with the results and implement them yourself, or hire me to implement the recommendations.