About Us

Say Hello to Calm

Manta Rays are one of the slowest, wisest, most “zen” animals. This is why we chose them as our mascot. Join the Big Manta community and you can always rest assured: your marketing is in good hands.

Who Are We

A boutique online marketing agency based in Budapest, Hungary. Eastern resourcefulness, Western company culture.

Our Mission

We help solopreneurs and small business owners focus on what they love doing by taking care of their communication needs.

What We Do

Branding clarity, market research, online marketing strategy, content marketing, SEO, social media management, ads.

Our Values


Enthusiasm about everything that works and a drive to understand how. We work with state-of-the-art online technology. Plus, our founder is an active Mensa member. 


The customer isn’t always right, but we will always treat you with respect and empathy. We work with you because we like you and we believe in you, and you will feel this every step of the way.


Loving what we do makes us enjoy every day of the job and eager to learn more. We share the love for your business with you and your followers.


We are millennials: we understand that we live in a global world. Cross-cultural communication is out mother tongue. 


Creativity like you’ve never seen it before. Your communication will speak your brand’s true voice, unmistakeably and uncomprimisingly.


Underpromise and overdeliver: this is how we make sure you are never disappointed. You will have full overview of our work and pricing. 

Eszter Chrobacsinszky

Welcome to Big Manta. I’m delighted that you are here. I know it is a big decision to start investing in your online marketing, and I an honoured that you are considering us. Please keep browsing our services, and when you’re ready, click the Book a call button above!

Eszter Chrobacsinszky